Product Review: Thai Eggplant

Written by: Lara Malak BSc Nutrition (Candidate)

Reviewed by: Andrea Miller MHSc, RD

One evening as I was grocery shopping, I came across miniature eggplants, called Thai eggplants. I was fascinated with this discovery, as this eggplant did not have the dark purple shade common to traditional eggplants. These eggplants were green with white stripes and they were the size and shape of a golf ball. They had a slight firm texture. I decided to bring some home. In relation to the taste, the Thai eggplants had a slightly more bitter flavour than traditional eggplants and the longer I left them to mature, the stronger the bitter taste became. They also had small golden seeds, similar to traditional eggplants. The seeds also had a bitter taste.

Although these eggplants are small, they are just as versatile as  traditional eggplants. They can be grilled, deep fried, baked, pureed, stewed, stuffed and pickled. Nutritionally speaking, each Thai eggplant has approximately 25 calories and is a good source of fiber, potassium and manganese. After my first experience with Thai eggplants, I will most definitely include them in my cooking!

Here are some tips to help you enjoy Thai eggplants:

  • Eat Them Raw– Eating raw round eggplants with dips is the easiest way to enjoy them. Just rinse them, remove the stems, and slice or cut them into small wedges.
  • Curry Them– The Thai eggplant is a common ingredient in green and red curry. It can take some time to become tender, so slice them thin when adding them to curry dishes.
  • Add Them to a Stir-Fry Dish – Stir fry Thai eggplants with meat, basil leaves and red or green curry paste.

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