In The Kitchen Product Review: Heritage The Rock Non-Stick Fry Pan

Written by Hilary Rock BSc, Nutrition

Reviewed by Andrea Miller MHSc, RD

I was in need of a new frying pan due to the fact that I was frusterated with food getting stuck on my previous “non-stick” frying pan.  I have heard really good things about The Rock pots and pans that I decided I would give it a try for myself. I purchased the 10” non-stick fry pan and I don’t think that I will be buying any other brand any time soon. I am amazed with how great this pan is.


The pan is a little bit heavier than some of the aluminum frying pans I have used in the past but it is not a significant weight difference as it is still easy to handle. It heats up quick and with consistent heat throughout the pan so that everything is cooked evenly. This pan has a lifetime warranty against warping.

I was a little concerned that the white speaks on the pan would create residue on my food but that has never been an issue. So far this pan has been resistant to scratches and abrasions just as it promotes to be. I love the pans rock-like look surface that is created by their small steel pellet impact technology through Rock Tec surface enhancement. The pan is also oven safe to temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit however I have not yet used my pan in the oven.

All of the above features of the pan are absolutely amazing but the one that has made me fall in love with this pan and technology is the fact that nothing sticks…NOTHING sticks! It is absolutely incredible. I didn’t think any pan could be this non-sticking. The pan is dishwasher safe but there is no need. Everything comes off the pan so easily that there is practically no clean up. There is no soaking or scrubbing needed as everything just wipes off with some soap and water. They really mean it when they say their outstanding release performance is three times better than traditional non-stick cookware.

I highly recommend anyone who is looking for non-stick cooking appliances to try out The Rock brand and technology. I am positive that you will be as happily surprised as I was and there will be no more frustration with food sticking to your pans or any tedious clean up needed.



  1. Lots of great reviews and I would like to purchase a set..But my one concern is are these pots healthy to cook with…If someone can convince me I will be at the store this weekend to purchase…They are on sale. Thanks

    1. They are healthy to cook with. I have been told the white one’s stain easily, so I would suggested a darker coloured one.
      Let me know how it goes.

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