Do you want to optimize your nutrition, create healthy meals for you and your family? Do you have personal nutrition goals? We would love to work with you.

Healthy eating should be good – nourishing and delicious. Life is too short and too busy for anything else. Healthy eating should be simple and stress-free; something you feel great about and gain energy from, so you can enjoy those things that matter most to you.


Meal Planning with 

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Sign up to receive meal plans personalized to your health concerns, allergies and taste preferences – all tailored to your lifestyle with EatLove. EatLove saves you money as you find health through food, while learning cook in a way that promotes your wellbeing.

Here’s how it works:

I work with you to design an eating plan for your personal health profile, medical conditions, allergies and health goals. EatLove personalizes your nutrition plan, to you to suit your lifestyle, beliefs, taste preferences and skills in the kitchen. We set this up in one session.

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